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Qualified and Certified

InterNACHI “Certified Professional Inspector” (CPI)

I transitioned into home inspecting after 35 plus years of residential home construction experience. I received my initial Home Inspector training through Kaplan University in Minneapolis. Minnesota does not have licensing of Home Inspectors. For lieu of State licensing, I earned “Certified Professional Inspector” certification through the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). NACHI training is extensive, including an extensive amount of initial training, along with continuing education requirements, and periodic re-testing requirements. I follow their Standards of Practice for my home inspections.

Building Performance Institute “Building Analyst – Technician”

In 2016 I took advantage of an opportunity to work with the Cook County Local Energy Project, performing energy audits. I completed training and certification through the Building Performance Institute, certified as a “Building Analyst – Technician”. Requirements included building science training, use of testing equipment including a blower door, a written exam, and a practical field exam. To maintain my certification, I am periodically required to complete continuing education and pass a practical and oral exam. Since I utilize infrared thermography, I completed training and certification through the Snell Group as a “Level 1 Infrared Thermographer”.

Minnesota licensed “Radon Measurement Professional”

In 2019, Minnesota required licensing for individuals performing radon testing for the public. Several local realtors asked me to obtain licensing. I completed classroom training and passed the National Radon Safety Board proctored test for radon measurement professionals. I maintain a written Quality Assurance (QA) Plan, on file with my governing state agency, the MN Dept of Health, Radon Division. My QA Plan covers all aspects of my work, from the paperwork you see, my procedures, along with records and procedures to assure my testing devices provide reliable readings. Again, more continuing education requirements.

Professional Certification of Michael Senty

Proferssional Certification of Michael Senty
Radon Measurement Professional License

Backed By the Honor Guarantee

honor guarantee backed by InterNACHI

You can trust InterNACHI® because we back our certified members with the Honor Guarantee. We're confident in their professionalism and ethical commitment.

With the Honor Guarantee, you're covered up to $25,000 (USD) for the replacement cost of personal property lost during an inspection, but only if it was stolen by an InterNACHI®-certified member who was convicted or pleaded guilty to a criminal charge related to taking your belongings. This coverage applies when the property is not recovered, restituted, or insured.

You can have peace of mind knowing that the Honor Guarantee is valid and applicable throughout the United States and Canada. In case you ever need to take action, any concerns regarding this guarantee will be exclusively handled in the District Court of Boulder County, Colorado, ensuring your trust and satisfaction.

About Me

Meet Mike Senty

I am passionate about home construction and how these complicated machines provide comfort to their occupants. A home has to provide comfort and protection, it has to be durable and weather resistant, it has to be safe, it has to be affordable to heat and maintain, and it has to be pleasant to live in. Every house is different, not only because of the construction of the home, but also because of the people who live in it. There is the added fact that the homes I inspect are located in a cold climate, an environment that has it's own unique challenges. Finally, there are the skills, or the limited skills of those who built and maintained the home. I never know what I'll discover during an inspection. I enjoy discovering the mysteries of each home: be it a real estate home inspection, an energy audit, a consultation request, or a request to help solve a problem.

Michael Senty
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